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The Bancroft School at Voorhees Pediatric Facility

The Bancroft School at Voorhees Pediatric Facility is an innovative and comprehensive education program for medically complex children.

A unique collaboration between two leading institutions, The Bancroft School at VPF opens up a whole new world to medically complex, technology-dependent children. It is the first New Jersey Department of Education-approved private school located within a pediatric specialized care facility. This on-site private school services the educational needs of children who are medically fragile/technology dependent and require continuous skilled high-level nursing care.

The Bancroft School at VPF consists of five classrooms equipped with medical gas outlets. The school's program is open to approximately 65 children, ages 3 through 21. The impressive 35-member staff creates a 2:1 student-to-staff ratio.

The school provides a specialized educational program that promotes the acquisition of new skills that can facilitate, when possible, the child's re-entry into the home and community.

The Bancroft School at VPF:

  • Develops individualized educational plans (lEPs) to specifically address the educational needs of each student
  • Provides all necessary related services within an integrated model of service delivery
  • Provides parents with systematic intervention strategies to ensure support, maintenance, and generalization of acquired skills
  • Develops student contact with age-matched peers without disabilities to prepare students for eventual transition to less restrictive programs, if appropriate

Using an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to education, the team-- along with the education professionals and the family/guardian-- develops realistic, individualized goals for each student. Teachers, rehabilitation therapists, and other medical professionals work with the family or guardian to establish short- and long-term objectives to maximize the student's educational, emotional, rehabilitative, and physical development.

“One of Bancroft School’s great memories is of our first school trip to Sesame Place. Each child’s face lit up when we arrived and smiles were seen throughout the day!” Colleen Valentino, Principal Bancroft School at VPF Employee since 11/28/1994

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